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I just wanted to let you know that James Metzger and I have made it home safe from out journey to El Salvador. We had a fantastic time surfing in El Salvador. The surf was great, the hotel was good and the food and people of El Salvador exceeded our expectations. Our driver Joaquin was a wonderful person. His English was perfect. His knowledge of the surf breaks, land and customs was superb. He was always on “American time.” His personal touch and professionalism was a big part of what made our trip so pleasurable. Thank you for a wonderful travel/surf experience.

Bob Guerin
James Metzger

I wanted to let you know that Francisco took great care of us and went above and beyond to make sure that we had a great trip. He's a great representative of your company and of the Salvadorian people. Cliff and I had an exceptional time, we have the entire crew to thank, but mostly Francisco! I hope to see you all again soon! Mucho Gracias Mi Amigo,


Four friends and I made the trip from Hawaii to El Cuco El Salvador on 20 Apr and stayed at the Miraflores Surf Resort till 29 April 2011 with Epic Surfing Adventures. We were all men in our Mid 30's to upper 40's with a wide surfing ability from 4 to 40 years of surfing history. First let me say the view to the Las Flores Beach and point break was awesome. Many a time despite surfing exhaustion the site drew one or more of our party from a relaxing pose on the hammocks that were strung up in the wind cooled pavilion, back out to 6' -10' faced waves. Now the meals were great too. Our cost included meals and non alcholic drinks and I for one actually gained a pound despite 2 - 4 hours of daily surfing. The staff that prepared our meals were a group of hardworking women. With a small command of the Spanish language you can go beyond the posted menu. The staff were very flexible and accommodating. All rooms had cable but all the channels were in Spanish so the following are recommendations for non surfing hours. 1. Bring as much as you plan on reading. 2. Bring a computer that is WiFi capable. 3. Feel free to walk down the road or beach to El Cuco less than a kilometer away. Some things you can expect to be sold from vendors include the wonderful hammocks that we used daily at Miraflores and some of the local delicacies like Pupusas and Cortido, a pickled cabbage and assorted vegetable side dish. Some other ammenities we took part of and were included in our package included an offer of a dailiy boat trip to a great Point Break called Punta Mango. (Our group took advantage of this on 4 seperate occassions. Wonderful!) Pick up and drop off at the airport in San Salvador One hour long massage per person. (This was very soothing particularly in the early evening with the cool breeze coming off the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.) All in all it was a great experience and my more experience surfing buddies returned home with photographic proof of their exploits which was on offer from a myriad of photographers some of which are quite professional and up and coming.

Thanks to Ricardo and Esther, Samuel, Alisha, Johanna, Dani, Yamilth, and Esvin

I am writing in regards to my recent trip to El Salvador via Waterways Travel and Epic Surfing Adventures.  Upon arriving in San Salvador our group was greeted by Ernesto "Cabolla" Mendez, who was to be our guide for the entire trip.  Mr. Mendez treated us with the utmost hospitality, not only showing us the great surf locations in the country but the beauty of his culture and land as well.  We are ecstatic that your surf companies provided us with a tour guide of Mr. Mendez's caliber.  Thank you for a wonderful trip and we look forward to our next surfari with you.

Sincerely, David Wong

Mira Flores is the call! Just returned from there and can't wait to go back! The hotel is perfect and the waves even better . Viva Punta Mango!!!!

Jeffrey Martin

Hola Ricardo & Esther,
Well another trip to Mizata Surf lodge has come and gone. We had a great time! Waves were so good all week, the crew took great care of us, the food was delicious, and we enjoyed trying out the rental board. Thanks again! We had a super fun week!